Self-Care For Girls who swear

A simple daily self-care community to form healthier habits, promote
more ‘me’ time (without the guilt) to create a life that finally reflects YOUR priorities!


Feeling stuck? Unmotivated? Unhappy? Time and time again, I’ve seen women put themselves last. This has resulted in stress, mental health struggles, loss of identity, burnout, and the dreaded reality that life is the same thing day-in and day-out. The countless females I’ve worked with have typically forgotten what they love, don’t know what they want out of their lives, and try to please everyone, leaving themselves last…. Well, it’s my job to say, FUCK THAT! You are ready to start putting yourself first! It’s time to get you back on the right track to live your life and make it one you love… Girl, have I got the good shit for you!

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Our mission is to create and foster a supportive environment where you feel empowered, positive, and enthusiastic about life! Let’s fucking do this together!

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What's Included

What does it involve?

Each month we have goal setting workshops and then alternate every fortnight with coaching check-in calls with myself, and then guest coaches on all different topics. Think spiritual, fitness, holistic, confidence – SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF SELF-CARE! It’s all designed to encourage you to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself! We also have a monthly challenge/theme for group accountability. Girl, we are setting you up so you can’t fail!

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Recurring Questions I get asked


You are locked in for a minimum of twelve weeks, then it’s up to you if you’d like to remain in the community (99% of girls stay!). Ideally you should aim to do one small self-care act each day to see results, however we know shit happens! That’s why we give you access to absolutely everything for an ongoing arrangement.That way you can start a little later if needed, go on holiday or if you need a break for any reason. It also doesn’t matter if you miss a day or something tragic happens, you can jump back in and we’ll be there to hold your hand. Hello motivation!!

The beauty of this program is that there are sections split into 5-10min / 10-15min / 30min / 1+ hour so you choose how much time you have for the day! It’s a program that’s meant to be manageable for even the time-poorest of ladies. I work as a full time teacher and run my own biz, I don’t have time to mess around and I can bet you don’t too. The focus is for timely and manageable transformations. The monthly goal setting workshops, coaching check-in calls and guest coaching sessions generally go for an hour and are always recorded for replay access.

Unfortunately the books are ordered from a printing service who is only able to order wholesale in bulk. This means there is limited availability and a program round will only be offered periodically. As the program grows in popularity the price will also rise, so jump in while you can!


About Rebecca Kelly

I have been living and breathing personal development for as long as I can remember! I am a passionate teacher, coach, and trainer with certifications in mindfulness, mental health, and social skills. I have spent many years connecting with females, now growing my group to have helped over 7,000 beauties!

I wanted to learn everything there was to know about helping females thrive to be transformed into the best version of themselves. I decided to follow my passion and start my own coaching company ‘Ladies HQ’, which I run alongside being a full-time Secondary School Teacher.

As you will see from the dozens of program reviews, I teach women how to feel good about themselves, open them up to new ideas and get them the hell out of the dreaded ‘comfort zone’. All of this can be achieved through my simple, specially crafted self-care strategies!

Join these babes, and finally feel supported on your self-care transformation. Secure a limited place and discounted price of “Self-Care For Girls Who Swear!”

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