Badass Business Co

The Co is for…



Does this sound familiar?

Are you in a community where you feel supported?

Or are you…

Stuck on how to get more customers and sales?

Anxious about trying new ideas?

Struggling to know where to go next with your business?

Feeling lonely or lacking a business bestie?

Worried your business won’t live up to your potential?

Overwhelmed with all things biz related?

Not sure where to start with all the tech shit?

…and the list goes on… We totally get it!

So it’s time to stop doing your business all alone!! The right community, education, accountability and mindset is the only way to get you where you want to go!

This is for you if…

This is not for you if…

Our mission is to create a community where EVERY female business owner is welcome and supported. It’s time to STOP being a business all on your own! When you become a member of Badass Business Co, you’ll finally be able to feel like you belong in a business community.

What's Included

What does it involve?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at with your business, this is what all female businesses need! 

We are offering something that’s never been done before; a combination of:

  • Community Collaboration – A platform for you to share your knowledge with the group and build confidence around your offers
  • Accountability & Planning – Through the affirmation cards, weekly webinar on hot business topics, regular check-ins and monthly strategy sessions (plus lots more)
  • Connection – A place where you can ask questions and really share how you’re feeling without the guilt and judgement – anything goes; rant, cry, ask for support… You know, the stuff you can’t (well shouldn’t) do on a public forum
  • Innovation of Ideas – A place to bounce fresh ideas and ask for opinions or feedback to help with inspiration
  • Kickass referral program! Get a week free membership every time you refer a badass business owner to join us!!

Each week you will shuffle your badass affirmation cards on Monday and draw one out to kickstart your motivation, set an intention and stay accountable. You will set clear goals and actions during our monthly business strategy sessions and learn the hottest business tips in our weekly webinars. Not to mention invites to exclusive business retreats/events to network with the other members.

The private Facebook community will be a place to ask all of your tricky business questions, share your struggles in a safe space and ask for feedback on all of your wildest ideas. You will be a business cheerleader for the ladies, just like they’ll be for you!

Check out these badass babes driving their business!

I’ve helped so many badass babes thrive with their business ideas. Results speak louder than words:

Owner, Amy J Lash & Beauty

“My mindset and business has never been more organised thanks to Rebecca! I had a habit of over-thinking things or getting stressed out, which was taking my energy away from doing the things for my business that mattered most. Thanks to her guidance I now wake up every day with a positive and confident mindset, determined to improve and succeed! She continuously helps me with planning, new ideas and most importantly taking action – her coaching is invaluable and I recommend to every business owner!”

Owner, Rheannon at Socials Solved

“Rebecca has been an invaluable investment in my business. She has helped me level up so much! When I first started my virtual assistant business I was only making $5 a day, but now with her guidance I gained the confidence to charge what I am worth and now I am making more money from my own business than I did when I was working full time in a job I hated!! I literally couldn’t have gotten here without her support and guidance and I can’t thank her enough!”

Owner, Jessica Anne Hair Design

“When I knew I wanted to have a business I had 0 idea where to start. I honestly couldn’t have done it without Rebecca’s coaching and guidance. I’ve now opened a very successful salon and she’s been helping build my business grow one step at a time. You need this girl in business!!”


About Rebecca Kelly

About Rebecca Kelly: I have been living and breathing personal development for as long as I can remember! I am a passionate teacher, coach and business trainer. I decided to follow my passion and start my own coaching company ‘Ladies HQ’, which I run alongside being a full-time Secondary School Teacher.

I have done the hard yards figuring out what works – I’m ready to share this with you to fast track your business and ensure you are supported on your journey.

As you will see from dozens of reviews and thousands of ladies in my community, I teach females how to thrive in their business and themselves. I open women up to new ideas and get them the hell out of the dreaded ‘comfort zone’. I’ve created systems and strategies which are simple and specially crafted to be effective and highly motivating.

I wanted to create a Membership that was affordable but PACKED FULL OF VALUE… Community support, tasks, live Webinars / Q&A’s, extra resources, retreats and most importantly CONNECTION. You can have it all in here with us!

Wait a minute…

I can be classmates with amazing badass business babes?!

So now it’s up to you…

You can keep going at business alone…

Struggle through all the overwhelm and minefields of trying to figure it all out on your own

(Hell no, so not fun!)

Or you can join us inside Badass Business Co to shortcut your success.

The choice is totally up to YOU girl!

Join the best bunch of badass business babes, and finally feel safely supported on your business journey.

YES! I'm ready to connect with my business besties!

Currently all places in the program are at capacity.

Jump on the waitlist to be notified first when a space becomes available!

Recurring Questions I get asked


Think about all the ways you could spend $15 in a week… A gym membership you barely use or maybe on two coffees and a banana bread… Now think about spending that money investing in yourself and your business! You’re set to receive way beyond what this will cost you. The people you’ll meet and the trainings you’ll have access to can’t even begin to complete with the value you’ll be receiving. Plus, we offer weekly payments, as well as discounted monthly and annual options. We want this to be accessible for every badass business owner.

When you enrol, you will be given access to our private ‘Badass Business Co.’ Community over on Facebook. You’ll also receive an email within 24hrs confirming your mailing address to get your badass affirmation cards sent your way! You will also get instant access to all past webinars hosted in the group. If it’s not for you, after three months you can opt. to no longer remain in the community.

Unfortunately the cards are ordered from a printing service who is only able to order wholesale in bulk. This means there is limited availability and joining the membership won’t always be available. Also, as the community grows in popularity the price will rise, so jump in while you can!

Hey badass business owner, I freaking KNOW you’re busy!! This membership community has been designed to be seamlessly integrated into your life. The card pull literally takes seconds then you will only need to find an hour a week to either watch the live trainings or schedule in time to catch the replay.

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